Thursday, June 6, 2013

A-Rod's Five Greatest Faux Hindsight

Unless you were locked in the hole of a federal prison the past three days, you may have heard a thing or two about Alex Rodriguez. His implication in the latest Biogenesis scandal and the inevitable suspension that will follow is about as obvious as a hard-on during Math class. But really...didn't we all see this coming? I know I did.

Apparently, no one told A-Rod...even while he was bathing in muscle cream and transforming his body into the near likeness of a mythological centaur. If someone had bothered to tell him, maybe he wouldn't have spent his entire career making the most hypocritical statements in sports history.

Take a look and remember: hindsight is 20/20. God, I love hindsight.

5. "We have a responsibility not just as athletes, but as members of society to treat people well. To do things the right way."

4. "What I've learned from Cal is to respect the game, respect the fans. Nothing fancy out there. Just do your job."

3. "Anyone can forget about talent, but if you're a good person, your name will be remembered a long time."

2. "I want to be known as a good major-leaguer, and good major-leaguers work to become good."

1. "There is a difference between image and reputation. Image is nice, reputation is developed over an entire career. Reputation is what I'm searching for."

Yes, Alex, it appears as though you've earned quite the reputation. Congratulations.

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